Kirao Multicaps

Fund manager: Fabrice Revol

NAV AC unit on 25/11/2021 : 208.01€

Performance YTD: 11.25%

ISIN Code unit AC: FR0012020741

ISIN Code unit IC: FR0012020758

ISIN Code  Unit KC « Clean share »: FR0013311933

Benchmark: 70% CAC All-tradable + 30% EuroStoxx TMI, dividends reinvested

KIRAO Multicaps is an equity fund that is PEA-eligible and is invested in Eurozone equities of all market capitalisations. KIRAO Multicaps is managed according to a rigorous fundamental analysis, with its strategic and financial analysis largely being conducted internally. It is written, archived and includes a modelling of financial forecasts and valuation. This process is completed by an extensive analysis of stock market conditions.


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