A Nautilus is certainly replica watches a desirable watch

A Nautilus is certainly replica watches a desirable watch, but even among its peers, some rank higher on the scale than others. This also depends on the type of collector you are. Some want the first version, while others prefer a more recent edition with complications. For those who want something truly, truly rare, this platinum Nautilus is right up their alley!

Made in 1999, this Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 3800/1 is crafted in platinum. An unusual material, as gold has always been the predominant precious metal from which the Nautilus was made. In hindsight, this is actually surprising as with platinum the Nautilus retains its casual and sporty look but adds the undeniable weight of this dense metal that makes you realize you are wearing something truly precious.

But it's not just the choice of metal that makes this Nautilus so unusual and rare, it's also its dial. Instead of the batton markers, this dial features white colored markers printed with the hours slightly thicker and longer than those indicating the minutes. The background is a slate gray sunburst which gives the watch an understated yet undeniably luxurious look.

The watch doesn't seem to have gotten much time on the wrist in replica watches uk the past twenty years and is in excellent condition. The fact that this Nautilus is not only crafted in platinum but also features this unusual dial, and in this combination has never been auctioned before, makes it very collectible. While his estimate was set between CHF 80,000 - 120,000 Phillips sold it for CHF 212,000. This is not surprising as the new owner will have one of the rarest and most desirable variants of the Nautilus, of which it is also unclear at this point if one has ever been made in this configuration. Having a unique piece of one of the most respected and sought-after sports watches in the world is a dream come true for many collectors!

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